Among all the ways which I understand myself, I feel most defined as a writer...

About Me

Biographical Information

Tracy Ann (Zank) Teel grew up in San Bernardino, California and now lives with her husband Roy in the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains. She received her Master of Fine Arts in English from the University of California, Irvine. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Pearl, Edgz, Oracle, Alaska Quarterly Review, West Wind Review, Rattle, Lynx Eye, UCI Expressions/Impressions, Sweet Annie & Sweet Pea Review, and Poetalk. Such Dust is her first chapbook.

As a writer

Among all the ways which I understand myself, I feel most defined as a writer. I think my practice as a poet, and the techniques inherent in that capacity, serve as a partial frame for my pedagogical and private philosophies. As a writer, I’ve learned that the inspiration to write is quite possibly the easiest part of the craft. The strenuous temperament of idea development has provided me with an understanding of myself as engaged in a powerful discourse capable of demonstrating control and authenticity. Until I recognized myself in these terms, moments seemed irrelevant.

Why I write something every day

Because I can’t not. Poetry, and especially its process, makes tangible even what cannot be. For a moment, it is a softness. A place made safe by its very expression.

My inspiration

Ziplining in St. Lucia

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My husband Roy…
the love of my life, and a man suffering with Progressive Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis for over 16 years, is a constant source of inspiration for me. Each day, he is kind, loving, generous, and dogmatic about living life. When my body aches, I lay in bed; when his body aches, he gets out of bed, exercises, writes passionately about religion and living, and refuses to bend to the will of his illness. I aspire to be that strong.  He has taught me how to truly love.

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